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John Dygert, D.O.

Physician and Chief Executive Officer

John Dygert is a Family Medicine physician in Colorado Springs, CO. He graduated medical school from Kansas City University - Medicine in 2009, and completed residency in Fort Wayne, IN in 2012.

Following training, he worked as a full-scope Family Medicine doctor in Colby, KS until 2017. This position involved inpatient medicine, outpatient clinic, obstetrics including c-sections, and coverage of the emergency room, two nursing homes, and one assisted living facility. In addition, he was also the director of Emergency Medical Services, head of the county health department, and deputy coroner! Despite being very busy, he cherished his time in Colby and credits this experience with providing him an intricate understanding of multiple facets of the health care system.

Dr. Dygert views Pinnacle Advanced Primary Care as "a materialization of a dream I've had since 2014". He firmly believes that this practice will model a impactful solution for the problems afflicting health care in the United States.

He and his wife Jilinda have five children; all attending school in the Colorado Springs area. He loves outdoor activities and sports, and is an avid fan of the Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Reds, and Ohio State athletic teams.

John Dygert, D.O.
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