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Healthy Employees, Healthy Business


Make employee healthcare simple and affordable with Pinnacle.


Cost-Effective Employee

Health Benefit

By offering direct primary care as part of their employee benefits package, employers can save money on healthcare costs. With Pinnacle, employees receive high-quality primary care services at a fixed cost, reducing the need for expensive emergency room visits and hospitalizations.


Improved Employee Health Outcomes

Pinnacle can help improve health outcomes for employees by providing access to preventive care, early detection of health problems, and chronic disease management. This can lead to a healthier and more productive workforce, with fewer absences due to illness


Employee Retention

and Satisfaction

Pinnacle can improve employee satisfaction by providing personalized care and increased access to healthcare services. This can lead to improved morale, retention, and recruitment of employees.

Monthly Membership Prices

“I encourage any business to look into Pinnacle because it is a path to wellness for your employees, keeping them on the job and productive.

Don Niemyer, Owner

Story Coffee Co.

Colorado Springs, CO

Frequently Asked Questions

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