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Affordable Lab Work

Pinnacle members receive affordable lab work as a member benefit.

Affordable Lab Work

Pinnacle has negotiated discounted rates with labs and diagnostic centers to provide our members with affordable access to lab work. As a member benefit, DPC patients can receive a wide range of lab tests at a fraction of the cost of traditional healthcare models. These lab tests can include routine blood work, urinalysis, cholesterol screening, and other diagnostic tests.

Wholesale Labs (Price Examples)
Annual Labs: $12.50
Cholesterol Panel: $3.00
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel: $3.30
Diabetes Screening: $2.75
CBC (Complete Blood Count): $2.45
TSH (Thyroid Stimulating): $3.00
Urinalysis with Culture: $6.39
STI Screening: $58.55
Cervical Cancer Screening: $22.50
COVID Antibody: $42.50
*Prices Subject To Change

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